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Resolved Question

What is Lumpenism?

And in what way can it pose a threat to us in RSA? 40 mths ago

Best Answer

Anti all religions but your own, general uprisings when you perseve things not going your way. The terrible attrocities performed by Al Queda, Religious intolerance, hooliganism....all of these fall under the word Lumpenism. I.o.w. extreme disquiet. violence etc.

40 mths ago

Answers -

Hmm yes...even insignificant countries like Sweden are finding these things out...and l am sure S.Afr won't be left out.

40 mths ago

I have no idea, and have never heard of "Lumpenism", so I Googled for a definition of the word, that was no help at all! But you ask if it can have an effect or pose a threat to S.A, so it has to have something to do with hooliganism or violence, I am wrong? Is it a kind of group behavior?? then I think it is already happening in S.A and yes poses a great threat!

40 mths ago

I'm guessing. A society made up of unemployed, homeless criminals who are content to plunder those who they regard as being better off.

40 mths ago

Thanks Alicia...

40 mths ago

Dont know but is gald I aint got it.

40 mths ago

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